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DKNs Lens

DKN Collective: Building the Brand & Serving The DKN Mission 

They say, “New year, new you!” At DKN Collective, we say, “New year, new opportunities to serve The Mission!” I founded my personal brand company, DKN Collective, in support of The DKN Mission, which aims to:  

  • Improve the quality of health and life for women, families, and minoritized communities,  
  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in health care and entrepreneurship, and 
  • Develop opportunities and scale enterprises that uplift, employ, and empower others. 
Scrabble pieces spelling out the work mission.

I envision DKN Collective and The DKN Mission so clearly now, but that wasn’t always the case. I came into my personal brand brainstorming era thinking that I would refer to my personal brand company as DKN Enterprises. “DKN” stood for Dr. Kilgore-Nolan, and “Enterprises” alluded to my goal of building a social enterprise empire. In building my personal brand, I spent countless hours reflecting on who I am, what I stand for, what unique value I offer, and what I consider to be my purpose in this world. I was in the middle of attempting to build a personal brand by answering all these “I” statements, but still, something was missing…something major. The more I reflected on what’s important to me, the more convinced I became that I wanted my personal brand (and its associated company) to not only focus on me and my skills, but also serve a greater mission that extended far beyond me. What began in my brain as “DKN Enterprises” evolved into “DKN Collective”. “Collective” honors my commitment to building a community of people centered around The DKN Mission –  developing and supporting those who coordinate efforts related to The Mission, serving and guiding those who benefit from The Mission, partnering and synergizing with those who align with The Mission, and learning from experiences with all the above in leadership of The Mission.

As I embark on this journey of growing DKN Collective and serving The DKN Mission,I am humbled by the support I have received and energized by the vast opportunity to tackle real-world issues and produce solutions that have a real impact. The DKN Mission Blog will provide monthly updates on the lessons learned, progress made, and experiences worth sharing. I welcome you to join the journey!

With Peace, Love, & Respect, 

Dr. Kilgore-Nolan 

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