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DKNs Lens

Brand Affiliations & Partnerships

Dr. Kilgore-Nolan takes a one-of-a-kind approach to brand affiliations and partnerships with emphasis on impact over income and exclusive focus on brands with which she can find authentic alignment. She is committed to providing thoughtful, ethical, and HONEST input on services, products, and brands that have the potential to positively impact people’s lives. Dr. Kilgore-Nolan is ecstatic to have this opportunity to serve the person(s) behind the brand, their target audience, and her community to the synergistic benefit of all involved.  

For authentic alignment, DKN brand affiliations and partnerships require at least one of the following brand partnership attributes to apply: 

  • Mission-Based Commitment (Attribute A) 
    • Products, services, and/or brands that demonstrate consistent commitment in alignment with any aspect of The DKN MissionTM, which aims to: 
      • Improve the quality of health and life for women, families, and minoritized communities 
      • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in health care and entrepreneurship 
      • Develop opportunities and scale enterprises that uplift, employ, and empower others 
  • My HAPPIest Life Partnership (Attribute B) 
    • Partnerships that uniquely support Dr. Kilgore-Nolan’s own HAPPIest life goal of having extraordinary experiences in any of or all the following areas: 
      • Dining  
      • Travel  
      • Entertainment 

If you own or represent a brand that may be authentically aligned and interested in partnering with Dr. Kilgore-Nolan, please complete the brand partnership request form to begin a conversation to discuss the partnership goals, budget, and other details.